About Us

The Olin College Robotics Lab was founded in 2006 by Professor David Barrett with the purpose of having undergraduate engineers work on developing useful mobile robots. The lab has a long history of vehicles that were successfully converted into robots. From working on vehicles such as the MIT Robocar to APHROS (aka. SnotBot), Olin students are helping robotics research in smarter ground vehicles, novel autonomous underwater vehicle propulsion systems, human-robot interaction/user interface development, smarter agricultural air and ground vehicles, and acquiring useful biological samples from marine animals.

Lab Coordinators

Lab Faculty Advisors

  • Dave Barrett

Lab Student Team Leads

  • Isaac Vandor, Lab Student Coordinator, Aquatic Vehicles Lead
  • Hannah Kolano, Hexapod Team Lead
  • Connor Novak, Ground Vehicle Research Lead
  • Harry Young, Soft Robotics Research Lead
  • Yichen Jiang, Human Interactive Robotics Lead




1000 Olin Way
Needham, MA 02492
United States of America