This page is a collection of documentation for aspects of different robo lab projects which may be useful for multiple different projects. Further documentation on each project can be found on the Github wikis linked below.

Odroid and Inter-Computer Communication

Odroids are computers on a chip which we would like to mount on air vehicles to run code on board the vehicle, rather than sending information down to a ground computer and sending control signals back up. Work towards this goal includes setting up odroid computers, multiple methods of communicating between computers, and direct communication between a computer and the pixhawk and gopro in flight.

Pixhawk Setup

The Pixhawk, which is produced by 3DR, is the main flight controller currently in use in the Olin Intelligent Vehicles Lab. Pixhawks enable easy monitoring of quadcopters and other robotic vehicles, for quick debugging, increased safety, and better data collection from missions. Pixhawks enable autonomous vehicles to travel to a series of GPS waypoints, which can be independently created, maintained, and edited from Ground Control Station.

Pixhawk Setup

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